Uma Casa is a new Portuguese restaurant located in San Francisco's Noe Valley neighborhood.   Uma Casa features a Portuguese-focused wine list, creative fortified wine cocktails, and a delectable raw bar.  

Chef Telmo's Portuguese menu is inspired and approachable, with an eye toward traditional old world flavors and a nod to local California cuisine

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"Uma casa portuguesa fica bem,
pão e vinho sobre a mesa.
e se à porta humildemente bate alguém,
senta-se à mesa co’a gente.”

“A Portuguese house bodes well,
bread and wine always on the table. and if someone knocks at the door, they are always welcome to sit with us.”

— Amália Rodrigues, “Uma Casa Portuguesa” 


As some of the earliest European explorers, Portuguese expeditions to lands such as India, China, Japan, North Africa and Brazil have influenced and shaped the nation’s cuisine as we know it today.

 With a balance of Mediterranean and exotic flavors, Portuguese food delivers a unique and tasty dining experience.